ongpinterest-logo-icon-simple-1024x1015Every time I meet an interior designer who does not know about Pinterest or utilise it as a digital marketing tool I am not only shocked, but I get surprised a little. This is because to me that notion is the equivalent to a doctor telling me they cannot locate where the heart lies in the body.  This is because, I believe that Pinterest was personally created by interior design gods created it for interior designers marketing needs.

One reason why interior designers should start using Pinterest is it has been shown to drive traffic to websites than any other website other than Facebook and most of these are home décor pins and wedding décor. One way to utilise this function of Pinterest is enabling the save button on your digital marketing communication tools such websites, blog and social media pages. The button makes it easy for visitors of your website to share photos of your products or  your designs that they like on Pinterest. This is ultimately easy free digital marketing! This is evident from the fact that when 2020AVE employed the pin it button their website traffic increased by 63% which would in tuen lead to gaining clients.

Furthermore, a few weeks ago I posted a blog which was centered around social media marketing. And one of the biggest points I tried to get across was the idea that interior designers should always keep in mind their market segment and by employing Pinterest you would be doing just that. Since 68% of users are women and they typically tend to have high disposable income- with an average household income of $100,000 this very similar to the average demographic of people who use residential interior design services. For this reason, I believe that interior designers should take advantage of the rich pin functionality button which incorporates features like maps, addresses, phone numbers, your logo and your web address to pins as it has been to increase traffic to websites and clientele.

The thing that makes Pinterest different from other social media is it’s a place to get inspiration and idea. Furthemore, users aren’t just there to browse; they often want to buy. This is unique because social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram intent is to socialise, network and connect.  Therefore, I would advice interior designer to share photos and videos of theirs and others designs and furniture. By posting other work it will help build connections which further increases your visibility in turn increasing brand awareness.


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